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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

oh lordy, lordy...

Funny Old Week Part 1
This month in the UK, is Black History Month. Nice idea and it really does raise the consciousness, particularly among the young, who are beginning to realise that just occasionally some of the people who have done good things were not ...wait for it... white. Yes, shocking thought, I know, but the old 'name me five black people who aren't athletes or entertainers' can still get us scratching our heads. However, I'm not sure everyone is totally on message: a friend learned her daughter's school will stage a day where each child will go to school dressed as a famous black person. Wonder how many of the white kids will black up? I'd go as Malcolm X (it's just a pair of specs, right - easy and cool) but I imagine my son would go as Shaka so he could take an assegai to school with impunity. If you go as Michael Jackson will you be sent home?

Funny Old Week Part 2
Hard times at every liberal's favourite country of reference, Sweden, or - to give it its full name - 'You know, it's much better in Sweden'. The new centre right (well, by swedish standards, so they probably just want slightly stiffer penalties for people who drop chewing gum on the pavement) government has lost some ministers for serious financial irregularities. One minister resigned because she hadn't paid her TV licence. Bless 'em - even their political scandals are somehow rather wholesome.

Funny Old Week Part 3
Meanwhile, back in the land that gave the world Shakespeare, one shining jewel in the TV schedules amongst the unremitting tedium of wall-to-wall soaps, reality and fly on the turd CCTV docudrivel: 'Dog Suicide Bridge' a bridge where over fifty dogs have inexplicably leapt to their death; some bastard probably made them watch Channel 5 one evening.


  • At 4:02 PM, Blogger stormy said…

    I was unfortunate enough to catch the beginning of the doggie-docudrivel.

    Thankfully the damage to my brain was minimal, as I rapidly hit the off button on the remote.

  • At 3:18 AM, Anonymous witchy-woo said…

    Just have to say...

    been surfing around the blogosphere and read some dangerously shitty poo bolleaux.

    Kinda nice to feel at home.


  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger simply wondered said…

    you definitely get a better class of shitty poo bolleaux here - and prizes of course!


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