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Monday, September 11, 2006

win friends and influence your uncle (nos 1 and 2)

No surprises at the first...

Boris Johnson has once again made friends the world over by the simple expedient of opening that bloody great gob almighty; crowing over the current in-fighting in the Labour party, he expressed his delight at the 'cannibalism and chief-slaying' that he usually associated with Papua New Guinea - any guesses which High Commission was on the phone to complain - typical that they have no sense of humour; what with them being a bunch of savages with grass skirts and a penchant for highly flavoured sauces.

...and a gifted cricketer warms the cockles of our hearts...

Kevin Pietersen in one of those endless Sunday magazine profiles was asked what his most treasured possession was:

his fiancee!

I was shocked - has the man no sense of a man's most sacred and private bond. His partner apparently said something about a big plank that's only good for hitting cricket balls...Sheila has requested a divorce and has been seen out with Inzamam Ul Haq. Inzi was quoted last night as saying 'I think Sheila is a silly name for a cricket bat.' (Don't laugh too hard - it's a very old computer.)


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