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Saturday, September 23, 2006

we have a winner - or two

Gentles all,

I have been blown away by your enthusiastic tsunami of comments in the desperate hope that you might win an unknown and probably non-existent prize. You can see the entries in the comments section of the post below.
And I have cogitated and pondered in true Lloyd Grossman stylee. Quite apart from the fact that I have been checking for days and cursing the mettle of this world where even prizes can't persuade some people to turn off the overpaid bloaters playing golf for 'Europe' against America (can I really identify with a hugely rich and disparate collection of brits, swedes, spaniards etc. when the dane didn't get picked?) and hit some keys at random - because given the number of people against whom you are likely to be competing and my own insane whimsy, that's likely to be good enough. Having eventually found your latest batch of comments, I have one that will not be surpassed, and the entrant cared enough to post it twice. Kingcod has won this month's prize with the upbeat and succinct 'Comments rock'. We can only wonder whether the winner of next month's competition will contain the word 'rock' - or indeed be someone who is a close friend of mine.

So Codders - your prize.. as someone who enjoys membership of an online community that blathers about life in the trenches in Sweden in WW2, and has a keen interest in the garden shed, I had wondered whether to offer you a fucking life. However as mine is the only one I could offer at short notice, I think you deserve better, so you are hereby presented with a second class single rail ticket from Winlaton to Whitley Bay - or a transfare to those of us in the know. And I'll even pick you up at the station. I only hope you can use it sometime soon.

The second winner didn't even post a comment! How clever is that? He is Superintendent Dominic Clout (I think that was his name) of the Metropolitan Police who made the following comment at a fairly boring meeting I attended the other day:

'The people who answer 999 calls are on the street at four o'clock in the morning 24-7'.

He wins a 24 hour clock fashioned in the shape of Stephen Hawking's wheelchair set to Bujumbura time for his flexible approach to the subject of time and logic.

For those of you who entered, well done and tough; for Violet, who managed to ask two questions about rules and dates and where her comment had gone I can only offer the helpful hint 'get your finger out of your arse' - just write something; the standard is low and I like you - you're bound to win sooner or later. And her a doctor an'all.

The next competition begins now (if not sooner).


  • At 10:11 PM, Blogger manxome said…

    Winning rocks!

    (thank you, thank you)

  • At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey SW! Dropping by to say hi.....

    oh, and infect your blog of course.

    Bob the builder, can we fix it......

  • At 8:45 AM, Blogger simply wondered said…

    manxome - that's the spirit though the particular horse you are flogging, if not actually dead, may not be in the best of health. Try lots more comments just to be sure of winning.

    sarah - Bob the builder? I have one thing to say to you...move aside make way cos Sam is the hero next door. Children's theme tune trolling is the new black. My blog is itself an infection slowly turning very small areas of the bloglobe slightly silly.

  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Kingcod said…

    I m truly touched by the rare accolade and wish to thank my chocolatier, the Tweenies, and most of all - Preparation H for making this all possible.


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