and this doesn't strike you as odd?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

U turn time

Wooo Hoooh! Nerr nerr nee nerr nerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Anyone misled by my previous post into thinking the Ryder Cup is pointless should get things in context. And the context is: the Americans got beaten. They lost. They were in the parlance of Newcastle 'lucky to get noot'. Right up theirs . So let's give three rousing European cheers for a collection of the fat, ugly, boring, humourless and above all totally damn rich from across the great continent I am proud to call home (well actually I call it Europe, but go with me here). You stuck one up the fat, ugly, boring, humourless and above all even totally damn richer Yanks*, which definitely goes to prove something. And I don't think their names were funny enough this time.

*Except Tiger - he's terribly suave dontcha think?


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