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Monday, August 14, 2006

ceasefire; n.subst - a word of doubtful meaning...

The world breathes again as Israel declares itself in favour of a ceasefire.

A split second later, the world realises, on removing the collective earplugs that there is a familiar noise out in the street. Louder than the silence of the British government on such embarassing subjects as - ahem - people invading their neighbours; louder than the cacophony of clicks as viewers desert ITV in their millions (and to think they have just commissioned a radical new series of celebrity golf featuring Bruce Forsyth - memories of Edward I's invading army parading the mouldering corpse of their leader to terrify the Scots); louder even than the hypocrisy of Condi's 'peace mission' as she scolds: "You really can only kill a few more and then it's time for bed, kids."

Ah yes! it's the pounding feet of civilians running in terror, the thudding of incoming missiles on the hospital roof, the wail of parents watching their kids carried lifeless from ruined homes. The mayhem you'd associate with bombs, guns and things like that; the sort of thing you might describe as 'firing' - the sort of thing naive people could be forgiven thinking would cease when people declare themselves to be up for a 'ceasefire' (the clue's in the title).
And I don't suppose it'll get better before we stop selling weapons and start selling dictionaries.

But in the meantime, we can scream that killing the innocent is murder - murder whether they fall from burning tower blocks in New York, whether we bomb them in Baghdad or Beirut, whether Israelis, Lebanese, Americans, Brits, whether Christians, Muslims or Jews; capitalists, communists, or plain confused; whether we kill for God, for Allah, for truth, for lies, for life, love and the pursuit of liberty, for secure borders and the right not to have to bury our children.
It's all murder; and a ceasefire is the start of stopping it.

Unless you forget to cease.


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